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Over the past 6 years, the organization has successfully greatly impacted
the Kenyan communities, particularly the youths living in Eastleigh and
North Eastern Kenya. Eastleighwood uses informative and artistic
initiatives to mentor and guide youths to maintain peace in the society.
Since its founding year, the number of beneficiaries has risen from 200
youths to 3,000 youths who are under mentorship and internship programs.
The organization has so far trained 480 youths through its Resource Center
Vocational and the Kenya Transition Initiative Role Model” training
programs and these beneficiaries have shown a positive development move in
their lives. 50 youths were equipped with fashion and modeling skills, 50
youths trained as movie actors and script writers, 200 with basic computer
skills, 30 trained by USAID Kenya Transition Initiative as ‘Role Models’
and 150 benefiting from entrepreneurship mentorship program. More than
15,000 youths were reached with peace messages during the most successful
“youth for peace” 1 year project implemented in Eastleigh through
interactive peace forums, a monthly Newsletter release and youth camping
Radio Show Program, which consequently helped to minimize criminal
violence in Eastleigh.
The organization also has supported talented actors to produce educative
materials to promote peaceful coexistence and cohesion among people from
different religious and social-cultural backgrounds such as “The East and
West Documentary”, a reflective movie “Mistaken” and many short
entertainment video clips.
Currently we are working on a program tabbed ‘’Tubongemtaani” which brings
together youth from kamukunji and neighboring Starehe Sub-County aimed at
building peaceful coexistence among the communities.

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