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Although there is a significant Somali-speaking community in Kenya today, its sounds and images do not form part of the mainstream media. Instead, western images and sounds of Nigerian, South African, Congolese and even Indian ones dominate the Kenyan screens.
The Somali community therefore stands to gain a lot with the production of a Somali television series. Eastlieghwood Film Production has embarked on the production of a film series which has commenced on 24th July 2011 to promote the culture of the Somali Speaking community and market it to the large Somali audience in Kenya and the rest of the world. The first project is a stage play based on the current famine which is gnawing at the heart of the horn of Africa. These films will be in Somali language (with English subtitles) and will be based, produced and acted predominantly in Eastleigh,Nairobi.It will target the Somali audience in Kenya, East Africa and the world in general.
Eastleighwood also intends to promote the cultural nuances of the Somali community and promote its participation in the socio-cultural stage of this country. In addition, it will participate in corporate social responsibility in the neighbourhood and the country in general.
Eastleihwood is a forum through which the youth will nurture their talents, as well as creating for themselves a career niche that will help them realize income hence alleviating poverty. These projects will make it possible to educate the youth and the society at large on social evils and menaces like Abuse of drugs, HIV- AIDS, Early marriages, female genital mutilation.
This forum will strive to alleviate criminal practices, promote peace, cultural integration, co-existence as well as educating people on important issues like human rights, democracy as well as the constitution, and good governance.

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