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Come to Eastleigh Exhibition Week!

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Come to Eastleigh Exhibition Week at Eastleigh High School play grounds on Saturday 12th January 2019 from.9am -5pm. Entertainment and Cultural Performance-Fantastic program line……Come one, come all!

Eastleighwood Event Portfolio

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                                                Events Portfolio                                               


Eastleighwood Events are rich music, dance, fashion, crafts and talent festival in which the best of local productions are showcased alongside top collections. The Festival provides a broad spectrum of programs, ranging from classical fare to other innovative and stimulating forms in an eclectic array of arts and talent. Our mission is to establish premier event platforms, linking new, young audiences with local professional industry players through various Eastleighwood Events. Eastleighwood Events will be held in various venues around the country and in the region.

*      Reach 200,000 participants with sponsor brand, product and talent development messages.
*      Reach 200,000 participants with talent promotion and support services.
*      Build the capacity of  youth talent clubs and groups through training and mentoring.
*      Produce content for use in education outreach activities and mobile cinemas.

Marketing Strategy

Eastleighwood Events will be marketed through a combination of traditional media and new media concentrated in the month leading up to each event.
Sponsorship Opportunities

 ● The Sponsor's name will be used in all publicity, press releases, online media, printed materials, and in-venue signage.
 ●They will also receive top-level logo placement in all of the print and digital communications of the festival.
 ●The festival organizers will work with a sponsor to create a customized set of benefits for maximum visibility during the festival, ensuring that the festival is consistent with the sponsor's overall marketing goals and message.

NOTE: *Value can be a combination of in-kind and cash support.
We welcome any further ideas you may like to discuss and build into a possible partnership.

All Sponsors will receive Corporate Hospitality Ticket offers
(Includes Full Delegate Passes, invitations to the Event Launch, Opening Gala, Sponsor and Special Guest lunch, Awards Ceremony and Closing Evening Party)

Eastleigh Exhibiton Week

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A host of companies from Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi and across the country will be present to display and demonstrate their products. This kind of annual event will provide a tremendous environment for making connections, establishing a relationship and forming partnerships with like-minded businessmen/women in a specific niche. The variety of networking in this expo allows the attendees to share useful business tips and information about their business/products in a given space!

Eastleigh Exhibition Week

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Eastleighwood will hold Eastleigh Exhibition Week on 12th January
2019 at Eastleigh High School play ground. This year’s exhibition is themed “Building Trust and Promoting
Culture” which is intended to bring entrepreneurs, women and Youths to
share experience, products, services and talents During this event a
documentary about the Business development in Eastleigh, youth talents and
challenges of the community will be shoot and screened at the exhibition
venue. The documentary will include the history of Eastleigh and
interviews of selected community leaders and entrepreneurs for success
stories rising and growing youth talents, interviewing selected community
leaders and entrepreneurs for a success stories or as role model
incorporated in the documentary which will be conducted to disseminate the
positive success of Kamukunji Sub-County in order to clears the bad
thoughts of some elements viewing Eastleigh as home of insecurity or
terror that once branded Eastleigh as home of terrorism.

We will interview the political leaders and business people on the
beginning of the estate, the boom of business and the challenges that
local community faces.

 Business owners in Eastleigh will be converging at this expo. This
exhibition event provides a tremendous environment for making
connections, establishing relationship and forming partnerships with like
–minded businessmen women in their specific niche. The variety of
networking in this expo allows business to share useful business tips and
information about business/products in a give and take atmosphere.

Participants and Targets;
1. Youth;
2. Kamukuji/Eastleigh Community;
3. Kamukuji/Eastleigh Bussiness Community;
4. Government and Non-Government Stakeholders;

For more information please email to us at eastleighexhibionweek@gmail.com

The World around us!

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The world around us is changing fast and all around is calls to action to participate, engage, share and buy. We as consumers are becoming more sophisticated in our needs and we have increasingly become interested in the conveniences we can afford with quality of goods and services taking precedence over quantity.
 Lifestyle brands, technology brands, innovations and trends are coming out of Africa, and as you have noticed, the world is turning to Africa for inspiration. Nobody understands this space better than Islii24.com and they have played a big role in putting Africa and specifically Kenya, on the innovations map.
 Islii24.com is one such innovation that is going to change the way Africa shops! Get ready to experience the convenience of shopping the best deals in an online shop and marketplace offering tech, fashion, the latest trends and everyday essentials.
 Welcome to a contemporary digital lifestyle, at the click of your mouse!
Our Promise
 We are determined to be a bold and inspirational with an African sense of style at our core and we want to beautifully design and curate experiences that inspire young African consumers.
Our merchants are selected for their aspirational products that inspire the public and we carefully craft our communications to speak to our lifestyle aesthetic.
 We promise to empower lives by bringing businesses, both big and small, to the world and to deliver quality authentic products at a fair price, with a first class delivery service.For more information kindly visit:Islii24.com

Short Documentary

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Mrs Annett G√ľnther is the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Kenya. The Head of Mission is also accredited as Ambassador to the Seychelles, Somalia and as Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and to the United Nations Human Settlements Program UN-HABITAT, based in Nairobi.

Somali Cultural Day

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The Somali Cultural Day is aimed at showcasing
the rich Somali Cultural Heritage and denouncing the negative perception!
Since its formation, Eastleighwood has been working to promoting Somali
Culture through various interventions. Most of the activities of the
organization are tailored towards articulating the historic, economic, and
cultural context of

Somali communities living in Kenya.