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Eastleighwood funny memes!

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Ewood Information,education and entertainment memes! It is all about our daily quarrels and many more! For more memes please subscribe and watch our memes!

Easteigh News Cover Page!

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EASTLEIGHNEWS is a monthly digital magazine that covers various diverse topics, spanning across Celebrity News, Entertainment, Fintech and Finance, Food, New Technology, Fashion, Makeup, Music, Politics, Local and International News, among other current trends. Our reporters and writers are always working every minute to keep our readers appraised on the topics of their interests.

Eastleigh: A hotbed of development!

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Iman ebusiness in conjunction with EBDA after thorough research have learnt that the local malls and businesses in Eastleigh don’t have online presence in this digital era where customers do their product research online before they  decide on what to buy and from where as they give much consideration to price, place and quality of the product. This simply shows that businesses in our locality are much disadvantaged when it comes to e-marketing.
E-Marketing is a kind of marketing that is done online via websites or other online tools and resources like social sites.
Iman ebusiness with its six years experience in e-campaigns would like to run an e-marketing campaign for Eastleigh businesses by partnering with the Eastleigh business community.
We will use direct emails, SMS/text messaging, blogs, webpages, online banners, videos, images, youtube ads, social media, search engines and much more sites that are being used by digital businesses in their marketing.
 Your malls and shops should have direct control over the content of your online presence and it should explain your company’s brand, provide contact information and other content that will encourage and enable your online visitors to do business with you.
These sites will also provide directional assistance to your potential customers as they commute from other estates in the city or the neighboring counties. We will also provide online buying and selling system for businesses that maybe willing to have.

Since EBDA is an industry leader within the business affairs management, Iman is excited to team up and tackle the challenge of improving their current social media standings.

As you know, successful social media marketing is the best way to get noticed. In my research, I discovered that EBDA’s current primary social media strengths include: timely responding to comments, and creating clever content to engage with the current follower base.

Iman will work to improve are as follows: use of more consistent promotional campaigns, use of photo marketing/infographics, and using analytics to demonstrate effective social media marketing.

By analyzing the current successful marketing trends, such as: use of key words, creating interesting infographics, and interacting with the audience in a fun and professional manner will be useful ways to be employed by Iman to engage followers, traders and potential buyers.For more information,please visit ...http://www.eastleighbusinessdistrictassociation.co.ke/elisting

Somalia: art entice society against violence

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Ahmed Abdirizak together with the casts of Halista, a short film produced by Mahad Ahmed, a Nairobi based Somali film maker.
After almost a quarter of century in chaos, Somalia art’s hope to revive sees new light after the country’s fortune turned around. 
Ahmed Abdirisak, 22, fled from Mogadishu because of conflicts, he dropped out of school at the age of 19. He dreams to live in Holland. But, now he stares local films of a tiny industry that is just start to be on the rise,’’ I want Somalis to watch my contents as they watch other foreign soap operas.’’ He told TMC.
He grew up watching Indian movies which is translated to Somali language in his suburb, Madina district, in Somalia capital Mogadishu, and he found of singing before he changed his heart to acting, ” I loved music and my hobby was to be a singer but later I found of acting, because I felt it’s a field that’s none existed in our society.’’
Siad Barre held sway of Somalia last, and it’s military government collapsed a year before Ahmed was born. The country since  was in chaos. Last year, Mogadishu hosted first democratic election in Somali soil more than 42 years. Hassan Shiekh Mohamud was elected as the Somali president, and many onlookers have betted that the country’s fortunes started to change for better.
Despite the occasional hit and run attacks by the outlawed terrorist group Alshabaab, Mogadishu is full of optimism. Arts which once were banned by Alshabaab revived, and several music concerts have been staged in the city in the recent past.
     ” I have been to Mogadishu recently. And the stability is encouraging.” Mahad Ahmed, a Somali film maker.
A sign that encouraged Mahad Ahmed, a producer  and film maker based in neighbouring Kenya, use filming to  transform lives of society through art,” I have been to Mogadishu recently. And the stability is encouraging.” he said.
Mahad, produced Ahmed’s latest short film Halista(Danger), a film  moulds the danger of the internet and addiction of  social networks. He believes, producing contents that resemble with the technology could be more effective for enticing viewers comparing to the centuries old other types of art, ‘’ It would give more dynamic contents.’’ He argues.
Somali art is believed to be one of the oldest arts in Africa.  For years, Poetry was a main means of communication, and the country was dubbed as the nation of poets. Since Alshabaab withdrew from Mogadishu art was one of much activity that has revived. More than 20 paintings reflecting the turmoil past of the country were erected different parts of the capital.
But, films were not popular among Somalis; they have just started to rise. It faces many challenges including financial terms. Also there is widespread  belief that films can not reflect cultural reputation of the society hence they promote obscenity, ”First, girls could not join because of cultural creeds, but these days we have them in,” Eastleighwood films director, Burahan Iman said.
Iman, a former businessman believed the need to counter negative media portrayal of the Somali community and important of contents that entice war riddled society from any sort of violence.
He started Eastleighwood films.  It comprised the first generation of Somali refugees and Somali-Kenyan casts.  Among their contents were:  short films; documentaries; drama; poetry; talk shows countering piracy, human smuggling and extremism, ”Our contents are free of charge we only want to send the message out.’’ Burhan said.  Eastleighwood operates the eastern suburb of Nairobi.
Copyright infringement is rampant in Somalia. And, perhaps, generating fair income for their work is almost impossible, a fact Burhan and co resigned to. They even some times give up their share of hard work only to get air time for their contents at one of the local broadcasters, ”Somali broadcasters have neglected local contents. They fail to collaborate with the local film industries,”  Burhan laments to the local broadcasters.
Theme of the contents that Mahad produces, which is to transform society through art, can hardly influence his target audience at least has not gone quite well at the ears of Ahmed, one of his own team.
The future is bleak for the young actor, who travelled eight days to reach border to Kenya. He wants to immigrate to Europe, in the quest of better living then his home country.’’ my friends are all in Norway.’’ He said. It’s a dream for many young Somalis to immigrate Europe and for Ahmed is not different. But the only way to reach his destination is to board a small boat at the shores of Libya, a journey thousands of people take to reach Europe through human traffickers.
‘‘It is sad that things of the country affect us so much. And it’s sad to know that Ahmed is among affected. I talked to him, but he is still eager to go.” Mahad said.
According to United Nation Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNoDC) estimated more than a thousand people, trying to cross sea from Africa to Europe lose their lives each year. It’s also believed that the number is higher than estimated.
I asked Ahmed if his parents knew about his plans he replied: ‘’ they have no power to stop me.’’
”my parents would rather choose my plan then going back to Somalia where I can be enticed by the warring parts,” Ahmed said, clinching his teeth. Perhaps he doubts rectitude of his decision; though, he prefers to return to his country if the fragile stability gained over the past year continue to strengthen.


KAMAU: United Nations linked to Al Shabaab payments

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Tuesday April 2, 2019

By Moses Michira
Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau. [File, Standard]

The United Nations has been accused of pouring billions to Somalia’s Al Shabaab.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau has said the UN was giving 10 per cent of humanitarian aid to terrorists to grant safe passage of food and other supplies in war-torn regions controlled by the deadly militia group.

Prof Kamau termed last Thursday's UN resolution on terror financing as “contradictory”

Going by earlier estimates placing annual budgets for aid for Somalia at Sh120 billion, the amounts earned by the terrorists disguised as funding for “capacity building” would be Sh12 billion.

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His response came soon after the UN Security Council passed a vote ordering members states to enforce laws against terror financing.

It is a position that could attract fierce reactions from the US-based intergovernmental organisation while generating debate in in Kenya which has borne the brunt of the instability in Somalia.

International aid is the single biggest pillar of Somalia’s economy ahead of remittances, following years of ravage since the collapse of the government in 1991.

“The contradictory and unconscionable behaviour of UN organisations financing terror groups through payment of bribes to terror organisations to allow passage of aid must be stopped. UN must lead by good example,” Amb Kamau said on Sunday.

As Kenya’s highest-ranking diplomat after Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma, Kamau’s accusations against the UN cannot be taken lightly especially considering that the Kenyan military has previously been implicated in supporting illegal trade in Somalia from where the militants fed off.

“It is unacceptable UN sets aside 10 per cent of its aid money to pay terror group for passage of its humanitarian assistance without guarantees that aid will get to recipients. We just list extortionist Al Shabaab on UNSC 1267,” the PS wrote in his Twitter account.

Eastleighwood documents Eastleigh!

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From dusty streets, shanty houses, dense vegetation and plain grazing fields to modern high-rises that housing hotels, fashion shops and many other business, Eastleigh has become the biggest market in east and central Africa contributes 36% of Nairobi County’s revenues. But this estate has challenges that are specific to it like poor roads, garbage menace, marginalization in government development .Business owners and local community leaders in Eastleigh explain the transformation of their estate.

The rise and boom of Eastleigh!

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(VOA reporter and Eastleighwood director, Burhan Iman from left to right)

Eastleighwood Youth Forum is a youth led and media based NGO which first started as a movement in the year 2011 when the Somali community in Kenya came under malicious attack in both the media and publicly as a result of the suspicion that they were behind the terror incidents that were happening then in the country which came with the deployment of Kenya's forces to Somalia to fight an emerging terror outfit, Al Shabab that was being seen as a threat to Kenya's sovereignty and security.

Hostility came with these incidents where residents of Eastleigh started fighting on religious grounds as the non Muslim and Muslim youth engaged each other in running stone battle. Neighbours became enemies and there was no trust and love between residents like before. Public transport operators in the estate were torn between the two fighting sections as passengers forced fellow passengers of Somali ethnic out of buses on the grounds that they may be attacked.
A likeminded youth from the neighbourhood who were disturbed by this new happenings that were threatening the cohesion of their community came together to discuss what they can do to restore love and trust in the community. Burhan Iman and friends came with the idea of creating a movement all over the world to speak for the Muslims and show the world that terror has no religion and tribe. This movement later metamorphed into a something big where youth came together to discuss what was affecting them and their role in the society.
From the discussions of the youth, we came to learn that the main drivers of youth to crime were unemployment and poverty. This is where Eastleighwood Youth Forum was registered as an NGO so as to equip youth with skills that they can use to create employment and earn a lawful income without harming people and risking their lives and that of others.
Eastleighwood has a membership of over 6,000 youth and three offices in Nairobi, Mogadishu and Minnesota in the US. Youth are trained to develop their talents and commercialise them. We have an equipped film studio where youth make films and record music. Others are trained on painting, computer packages, video production, photography and fashion and design.
We have hundreds of youth who are today earning a living and are respected members of the society courtesy of Eastleighwood Youth Forum. Terror attacks and ethnic and religious conflicts are things of the past in Eastleigh and are not heard of for the last 3 years.

By Abdihakim Bare Hassan, 
Communication and public relation officer,