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Somali-American leaders in St. Cloud, Minn., held a news conference Sunday to address the attack the previous day at the Crossroads Center Mall. CreditDave Schwarz/St. Cloud Times, via Associated Press
ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Frustration is growing among members of the Somali community here who are eager for official information about a stabbing attack at a mall Saturday that left 10 people injured and the suspect, Dahir Adan, shot dead by an off-duty policeman. The episode is being investigated as a potential terrorist attack by the F.B.I.
“I don’t believe the terrorist part,” said Jamal Ali, 16, who said Mr. Adan was “a respectful, nice guy” who behaved normally last Thursday when giving him a ride home after they played basketball at a local gym.
The St. Cloud police, citing eyewitnesses, said within hours of Saturday’s attack that Mr. Adan had mentioned Allah during the episode and asked at least one victim if he was Muslim before assaulting him. On Sunday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and referred to Mr. Adan, 20, as a “soldier” for their terrorist organization. The F.B.I. swiftly mobilized to investigate the case.
But since Monday, the authorities have released almost no new information about the case, frustrating some Somalis here, who are dubious of any linkto the terrorist group, and are unsure why it is taking the authorities so long to release surveillance video and a more detailed narrative.
“Right now, anyone who knows him is really, really desperate for answers,” said Mubarak Ibrahim, a St. Cloud State University student who said he had known Mr. Adan since they attended junior high school together. Mr. Ibrahim said there was “nothing abnormal about” Mr. Adan, whom he saw playing basketball about two weeks ago.
“The longer they take with bringing out facts, that gives more people time to come up with their own stories,” Mr. Ibrahim said.
St. Cloud’s police chief, William Blair Anderson, said as recently as Tuesday that no evidence had been found tying Mr. Adan to terrorist groups, adding fuel to hushed discussions in St. Cloud’s Somali grocery stores and apartment buildings about whether this was a planned terrorist attack or something altogether different.
Halima Aden, left, a freshman at St. Cloud State, at a unity rally on campus Tuesday. She said the comments on local news websites were full of people saying “terrorism” after Dahir Adan was announced as the suspect.CreditRenee Jones Schneider/Star Tribune, via Associated Press
The F.B.I.’s Joint Terrorism Task Force took over the case on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday a bureau spokesman said he had no new information to release. Also Wednesday, the St. Cloud police denied an open records request seeking security footage from the mall, incident reports and copies of search warrants, citing the continuing investigation.
“I personally am doubtful until I receive evidence of what happened,” said Hassan Yussuf, who runs a tax preparation business at the Mogadishu Grocery store here, and who recently ran for a spot on the local school board. Mr. Yussuf said Mr. Adan came from a well-respected Somali family whose patriarch was instrumental in establishing St. Cloud’s first Muslim cemetery.
“I think people need answers,” Mr. Yussuf said.
The Adan family has declined interview requests through its lawyer, Abdulwahid Osman, although family members released a statement this week extending sympathies to the victims and asking that people not rush to judgment.
Despite the uncertainty, a sense of normalcy has returned. The mall has reopened, all the victims have been released from the hospital and the cable news cameras that flooded the city over the weekend are gone.
Some Somali leaders who initially feared widespread retaliation said they have been heartened that the city’s mayor, police chief and Christian clergy members have urged respect and kindness for St. Cloud’s large Somali population. On Tuesday night, a diverse group of students at St. Cloud State, where Mr. Adan had previously been enrolled, held a rally and unity march on campus.
But the lack of clarity remains a sore point for Somalis here, and some are openly questioning whether Mr. Adan’s heritage prompted a rush to judgment.
Halima Aden, a freshman at St. Cloud State who was homecoming queen last year at the high school Mr. Adan attended, said, “As soon as they released the name, it was like ‘Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism’ ” in the comment sections on local news websites.
“Had his name been James Johnson,” she asked, “would the headline say ‘Terrorism?’ ”

The Unveiling of Mistaken

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The Unveiling of Mistaken

Eastleighwood will screen the first Somali modern feature film portraying true Somali stories. Our film screening will take place on the holy EID at Liberty Centre.  It will also be used to fulfill the steps the talented actors, script writers and actresses need to bring them closer to their dreams, mold them to world class standards, market them and provide a platform for sponsorship to promote these talents on global scene, and so  we are seeking  for  partnership in  this film screening program as we develop and expose the talents of this young people in Eastleigh and others from Eastland communities, in anticipation to create solution to improve the lives of underserved youths and also enrich the community at a large. We hope that through your partnership and support, we will change the face of Eastleigh and beyond. We are planning to screen on this holy EID in Nairobi and the third day after EID
in Garissa. Afterwards we are planning also to screen in Kampala,
Mogadishu, Djibouti, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Minneapolis and any other possible city.

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Eastleigh filmmakers give Hollywood portrayal thumbs down

Eastleigh, the suburb in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, known as Little Mogadishu because it is home to many Somalis and Kenyan-Somalis, is getting the Hollywood treatment.
Big-budget thriller Eye in the Sky, which had its premiere this week in Los Angeles, uses the suburb as one of its key plot locations.
The film follows the story of US and UK military forces trying to foil a suicide attack by using drones.
But in the real Eastleigh, a group of local filmmakers who were given a special preview of the film say they are disappointed at how the area has been portrayed.
The group, who refer to themselves as collectively as Eastleigh Wood, say the film is full of negative stereotypes of the area, which has been targeted by the government during raids against alleged al-Shabab militants.
However, filmmaker Burhan Iman told me he was disappointed that the Kenyan scenes in the film were actually shot in South Africa.
He said the reason they started "Eastleigh Wood" was so they could tell their own stories.
However, Mr Iman did admit he was happy at the casting of Barkhad Abdi, the actor who was nominated for an Oscar in his first-ever screen role as a Somali pirate in Captain Phillips.
He said the actor was born in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, and raised in Eastleigh before moving to Minnesota in the US.
Source: BBC Worldwide

Easteighwood Classes Announcement

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Easteighwood Classes Announcement


Dear student, Eastleighwood is open for vocational training programs as follows: Art of Photo Journalism, Cinematography/Video Coverage, Video Editing, Djying and Sound Engineering, Web Design, Graphic Design, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Languages English and Kiswahili, Piano, Violin and Guitar. Depending on what you selected with us. You are welcomed as from 6th July, 2015. Visit our offices in former Sunrise Shopping Mall 3rd floor, office Number- 34, 35 and 36. For enquiries you can call 0722 407 754.

View Educational Video : on....https://www.youtube.com/watchv=Rpy2jVSeNW4



View Episode on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjzGZAmK3-E

View Movie trailers : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rqpT_36i58

Ewood Exclusive Tv Show

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         Ewood Exclusive Tv Show

"Denying the negativity to continue advocating for peace and coming as the voices of changes"
Eastleighwood wishes you Juma Kareem and after that extends a warm invitation to all of you to attend the famous Ewood Exclusive Tv Show to participate the program that takes place in Eastleighwood Hall. 
the guest this Saturday is Mohamed Ali. A jeweler Shop owner in Eastleigh, come and get insights of the business in Eastleigh as well as entrepreneurship. 
I’ll be expecting you all tomorrow from 2pm at Eastleighwood Hall in Eastleigh, 9th Street, Sunrise Shopping Mall, 3rd Flr. Don’t miss out.
Juma Kareem once again beloved members.

Quote Of The Day

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"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, 
but by the responsibility for our future."

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Fears of floods as Shabelle river water levels surge
MOGADISHU (HOL) ----Residents in the agricultural city of Jowhar are preparing for ‘river floods’ as water levels on the Shabelle river surged in the past few days, residents said Monday.
Farmers have erected bags of sands around their farms as the river’s water started to percolate the banks, threatening large areas of farming near the river which has burst its banks before and destroyed large croplands and livestock.
“The worst may come in the next few days,” said Ali Hassan, a resident in the town by phone.
The middle Shabelle region sees occasional floods every year that displaced thousands of residents.
With no rescue teams to deal with the emergency humanitarian disasters, residents often take matters into their hands by using all available tools including woody boats to help their fellow residents trapped in the flooded villages
In 2013, the region has experienced the worst floods that laid Jowhar, the provincial capital under waters that has led to the loss of lives, destruction of crops and loss of hundreds livestock.
 Water borne diseases also killed dozens during the disaster.  Somalia lacks capacity to deal with natural disasters after more than two decades of civil war that destroyed the country's economic infrastructure.
 The country often relies on aid agencies to copy with the natural disasters; with UN officials often accuse local officials of corruption that may hamper efforts to reach the victims of floods