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Eastleighwood Talent Show

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           Eastleighwood Talent Show

Eastleighwood will always be interested in nurturing, developing and show casing your talent, and through this we try to create solutions to improve the lives and future of underserved youths in the community. Let excelling be your only thing in your talent.
We offer truly equal choices to young people with no discrimination at all; we give the right kind of guidance and motivation so that you can shine with your talent and also bring you closer to your dream.
Through talent show we will be able to discover talents that benefit the society and also the economy at large, this will boost our youth’s self-esteem, confidence and assurance of youths who can speak out and represent their community in national level.
It’s through nurturing the talents of the youths that we can prevent them from the possibilities of joining criminal groups that undermine peace in the society.

Be one of us as we take you to the highest level of your talent.

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