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Eastleighwood Dhaanto

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Dhaanto is a style of traditional Somali music and folk dance and it's what Eastleighwood does too

Dhaanto is a style of traditional Somali music and folk dance. It is specific to certain Somali-speaking areas in the Horn region. The dance-song was revived during the Dervish period in the early 20th century, when it was used to raise the esprit de corps of soldiers and was often sung on horseback. Additionally, the genre was employed in Islamic poetry. Modern exponents of the dhaanto style include the Somali singer-songwriter. Local women's organizations alongside youth groups from universities came. Traditional dhaanto dance, alongside fire throwers and lively plays made it the grassroots activists who inspire revolutionary acts of bravery every single day. Dhaanto dance builds knowledge and understanding of Somali Muslim culture through music. Midnimo (the Somali word for "unity") brings Somali artists from around the world for residencies that include public concert performances, workshops, and artist-led discussions on campus and in the community. These events are designed to facilitate and inspire dialogue and interaction through artistic and academic interventions for Somali and non-Somali audiences.

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