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The importance of sports in the life of a young person is invaluable and goes much further than the basic answer that "it keeps  young people busy, because  it also instills lessons that are essential in the life  more so that of  student. Sports play a pivotal role in the makeup of a young athlete, especially in   high school years where student are much more mature and mentally developed. Where else can a young, impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability? Rather it is up to the parents, teachers, sports teams, clubs, and after school programs to help mold, develop, and instill these qualities into the lives of young people.. I believe in order for this to happen, school sports programs must have a few components in place. The first thing they need is a good core of coaches that understand the great responsibility that is placed upon their shoulders to help shape and prepare these young people not only in sports, but in their everyday lives. Yes, I did say coaches, because it is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of more than one person and it is going to take more than one person to help lead this young people to success.

The second component also involves the coaches: It is the ability to capture the admiration and the trust of the people. This is crucial because if you can capture a person's admiration and trust you can motivate them to perform at a higher level not only in sports, but also in their own lives. If you can get the athletes to believe in you and your philosophies you can begin to see significant changes in grades and behavior. It all starts with coaches that have a plan and methodology behind the principles they are teaching. That’s why; there is a great responsibility on the coaches to help young student athletes make a smooth transition into society.

However the most crucial of all is the support that comes from the community, and administrationS. This is very important because student athletes and young people need to know they are appreciated and there is no greater way than for the community, booster club, and commissioners/treasurers to show that appreciation than to get involved in youth athletics. In order to accomplish this it's going to take investment and the most valuable investments are money and time. The more invested, the better the results. I can attest that there is no greater investment than the future of our young student athletes. When these things are in place, I believe student athletes will benefit and the results will be evident not only on the field, but long after they step off of it.Charity begins at home, let’s all support our young people as they try to nurture their talents, becauseparticipation in organized sports offers the chance for youth people to enhance their physical and social skills.

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