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The Unveiling of Mistaken

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The Unveiling of Mistaken

Eastleighwood will screen the first Somali modern feature film portraying true Somali stories. Our film screening will take place on the holy EID at Liberty Centre.  It will also be used to fulfill the steps the talented actors, script writers and actresses need to bring them closer to their dreams, mold them to world class standards, market them and provide a platform for sponsorship to promote these talents on global scene, and so  we are seeking  for  partnership in  this film screening program as we develop and expose the talents of this young people in Eastleigh and others from Eastland communities, in anticipation to create solution to improve the lives of underserved youths and also enrich the community at a large. We hope that through your partnership and support, we will change the face of Eastleigh and beyond. We are planning to screen on this holy EID in Nairobi and the third day after EID
in Garissa. Afterwards we are planning also to screen in Kampala,
Mogadishu, Djibouti, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Minneapolis and any other possible city.

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