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Eastleighwood Believes in Peace

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        Eastleighwood Believes in Peace

Eastleighwood focuses on Peace building initiatives, because Eastleighwood believes in peace, and that peace plays an important role in our lives. If the nation and the society are in peace then we all will be able to live peacefully since it affects our lives in so many ways. Peace means order, discipline, prosperity and benefits; we all feel safe when our life is peaceful despite your social status .When we are not peaceful it means destruction, fear, sadness and finally death of innocent souls.
At Eastleighwood we preach peace and how our youths can engage their time in useful ways that are not destructive. We express on how we would like to better the world for our generations and the next generations. When peace prevails in the society, then we can enjoy the benefits of the latest technological and scientific advancements which can change our lives greatly.

Be among the congregation that attends our forum, come this Saturday and learn more. It’s all about peace.

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