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Eastleighwood Youth For Peace Forum

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    Eastleighwood Youth For Peace Forum

Eastleighwood Conducts a Youth For Peace Forum every month and this being it’s last month for the time being, the Event took place at Grand Royal Hotel on 28th March 2015 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.
The theme was Freedom and Making the Right Choices Independently. Where the Topic Of Discussion was Violent Extremism and Freedom from violence.
as well as advices based on radicalization and extremism. Reporting any suspicious activities that may cause violence or/and undermine peace building.
the Guest of Speaker was Hussein Roba, a Kenyan citizen and a resident of Eastleigh for many years.
He commands a lot of respect in the community due to his vast experience over a number of community issues. He holds a number of key positions in the community including the Chairman of Eastleigh.
it was indeed a mesmerizing Event that will stay in many people’s heart.

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