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Eastleighwood vocational trainings

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     Eastleighwood vocational trainings 

At Eastleighwood we offer vocational trainings because we believe they offer truly equal choice to our young people. It’s the only way where they get to develop techniques related to technology, skills and scientific techniques. We offer trainings in film and video production with practical lessons for our trainees to be expertise in the field

Every Thursday from 2pm we have classes for script writing as it is the first step for creating a video project, it involves a description of the various shots and any dialogue. Our offices are always open, visit us as you get to learn more about our programs. Join us every Thursdays as we learn a planning device for every video, footages that should be used, the location where certain scenes should be shot, what occurs in each short and what should be included in each shot. Am sure you won’t love to miss.

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