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From Entrepreneur to Impresario

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While commerce in basic commodities is the lifeblood estate, entrepreneurship has expanded in many other directions thanks to foundation pictured here.Burhan to the left of this photo taken in Nairobi city centre- is representative of such entrepreneurship, having worked in a Forex bureau, established cyber cafĂ©, founded advertising agency for Eastleigh Business and inaugurated a magazine featuring stories of interesting to the Somali Diaspora. He is now working on a project entitled ‘ Eastleighwood’ a media production and  ‘youth empowerment initiative.

With Eastleighwood, Burhan has moved from entrepreneurship to impresario, promoting youth talents that exist among Somali and non Somali youth in Eastleigh. This talents is now showcased on Somali cable tv channels, uploaded on YouTube, and Facebook, and digested by Somalis throughout the world. Eastleigh is not just a place of business. It is where Somalis come from all parts of the world, and so a place Somali entertainment is desired. Music- Somali, Kenyan, and Ethiopian can be heard everywhere on the streets. It is played live at weddings heard in Eastleigh’s plusher hotels and ever at miraa chewing sessions. While Eastleigh is enriched by many other influences Somali culture naturally predominates, as other Somali aspects of life has grown upon the economic foundation of the estate.

Source: Global Sociology:https://www.macmillanihe.com/companion/Cohen-And-Kennedy-Global-Sociology/student-zone/Photo-essay-Nairobi/

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