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More effort needed get to the bottom of Shabaab attacks

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Sunday June 18, 2017

The suspected al-Shabaab terrorist attack in Mandera on Friday marks the latest in a worrying trend of using explosive devices planted in the ground.
Some of the attacks, mostly in parts of the northeastern region and the coast, have targeted security forces, including those in armoured vehicles.
Coverage of the incidents in recent editions of this newspaper has indicated some of the explosive devices by the suspected terrorists are so powerful and sophisticated that they point to a network that includes bomb experts.
There have also been suggestions of local residents working with the terrorists and the activities of smuggling rings, but these remain under investigation.

While we acknowledge that the police have arrested several suspects and stopped a number of terror plots, there is obviously a need to put in more effort to get to the bottom of this, including through security agencies changing tactics to counter the new threat. 
Recent alerts and updates by the police have helped to calm fears but the continued attacks point to a deeper problem.

Experts consider the recent incidents as a security headache that could spread to other parts of the country if not contained.
The new tactics not only stop ordinary citizens from going about their activities without fear but also affect the movement of security forces during their patrols.
There is also a need to ensure the recently acquired armoured personnel carriers and mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles are safe after recent incidents raised quality questions.

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