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When adequate skills are instilled among the youth, employment is generated. Eastleighwood employment programme for youths aims at reducing the high unemployment rate among the youths in Eastleigh community, which if not curbed may lead the youth to engage in all kinds of nefarious acts such as idleness, drugs, promiscuity, robbery, gang involvement among others. The Empowering youth for self employment -2017 programme is aimed at Instilling the youths with the necessary skills needed to compete with their counterparts across the globe in the field of neo-media.

Courses to be offered are:
 Art of Photo journalism 3months
 Cinematography /video coverage 3months
 Video editing 3months
 Music programming 3months
 Graphic design 3months
This and more are some of the initiative Eastleighwood is undertaking in order to make Eastleigh a better place.
We encourage our youths to engage in this programme and build their skills in their area of interest.
Expected Outcomes:
By the end of the project in 2017:
 100 young people will have gained appropriate training that responds to the needs of selected high-growth industries such as design, music, entertainment, and arts and culture.
At least 40% of youth will be placed in quality jobs or in their own business start-ups.
 50% of participants, who have not completed secondary school at baseline, will be enrolled in an education training program or will have gained additional schooling credentials at the time of follow up.
 Partners will have strengthened their organizational capacity.
 A sustainable network of stakeholders from private, public sectors and also the community will be created.
 Average level of unemployment will be reduced.
 Menaces usually visible due to youth unemployment and restiveness will be highly reduced as well as other criminal vices associated with unemployment.

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