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Tanzanian scholar Nurdin Kishki holds Islamic lectures in Nairobi

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Hiiraan Online
Sunday November 13, 2016

The popular Tanzania scholar, Nurdin Kishki has been giving Islamic religious lectures in Nairobi Kenya.
An event in which the sheikh is giving the lectures scheduled 12-13th November and taking place at Sir Ali Muslim Club is being attended by many Muslims living in Nairobi. The topics include Marriage While Still Studying. 
Other topics are, Tribalism in Islam and Tolerance among Muslims as well as Living with Non-Muslims.  

Hiiraan Online reporter at the event says sub-topics include fear of Allah. 'He who is wise is the one who works on the betterment of his life in the Hereafter'. Sheikh Nurdin said.
The sheikh discussed how to practice doing good deeds and the importance of Islamic religious knowledge as well as evasion of one's self from unnecessary activities (maa laa ya'ni). 
Sheikh Nurdin is well known across east and central Africa regions.
Sheikh Nurdin carries out sensitization programs among the populations in East and Central Africa.
He travels to Mombasa, Nairobi and Darasalaam as well as other parts of these regions on Islmaic da'wah propagation tours.

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