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Kenya hit eight times since July

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Friday, October 07, 2016

Kenya Red Cross personnel and police collect bodies of six people killed by Al-Shabaab in Mandera town on October 6, 2016. Even in cases where quick response units moved in quickly, they fled to their havens, leaving a trail of destruction. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Al-Shabaab terrorists have staged at least eight attacks on Kenyan soil in the past three months, denting a blow to border control efforts put in place by security agencies.
Mandera County bore the brunt of the invasions, which also occurred in Lamu, Garissa and Mombasa over the period.
The government reacted by sending additional officers, including the paramilitary General Service Unit (GSU), to the areas affected but the counter-measures have not prevented further loss of life.
The Nation established that intelligence warning of an impending attack days before six people were killed at Bulla public works Thursday did not specify the terrorists’ target.
The only information available was that an attack was imminent in the vast Mandera.

The Kenya-Somalia border has remained porous despite the many attacks over the years.
Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said: “It was (yesterday’s incident) very unfortunate.
“Reinforcements have been sent. The government is definitely doing something, details which we cannot understand.”
Even the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, has not prevented terrorists from sneaking into Kenya in droves to commit atrocities.
Terrorists have on many occasions crossed back to Somalia after committing atrocities without incurring casualties.
Even in cases where quick response units moved in quickly, they fled to their havens, leaving a trail of destruction.
Other times they planted IEDs on roads, especially in Lamu.
On September 22, official police reports showed over 50 armed men riding on pick-up trucks from Somalia raided Hamey Police Station.
They were repulsed after a fierce gunfight but went back for reinforcement, only to return riding on lorries.
One terrorist was killed in the second battle and two officers also died, and their bodies were days later displayed in Somalia.
Some 4,484 rounds of ammunition, an MG3 machine gun, two G3 rifles and a VHF radio set belonging to the police camp were also taken away to Somalia.
At times when the Al-Shabaab has not staged attacks, they planted improvised explosives on roads, especially in Lamu County.
The Improvised Explosive Devices went off after vehicles ran over them, causing either death or injuries to travellers.
In most of such explosions, police and military vehicles were specifically targeted.
Security camps in Boni forest, which a faction of Al-Shabaab has established bases, have also been attacked in the past.
For instance, a GSU camp in Basuba was attacked on August 6, and an Administration police camp in Mangai on July 14.

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