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300 killed on terrorism allegations, report reveals

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By Tobias Chanji Updated Mon, October 31st 2016 at 00:00 GMT  At least 300 Kenyans have been killed in terror-related cases in the past three years, a humans right body has said.PHOTO:

COURTESY At least 300 Kenyans have been killed in terror-related cases in the past three years, a humans right body has said. Kwale County is among counties most affected by terrorism due to the presence of a big number of suspects linked to Al Shabaab returning from military training in Mombasa.

This was revealed in a joint report by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa).

The two agencies disclosed this on Saturday at a forum in Kwale where the rights group has launched an inquest into rights violations. KNCHR vice chairperson George Morara said the killings were perpetrated by police or returnees.

 "We have lost 300 Kenyans in the past three years largely due to insecurity. This is not good news as we approach elections. We hope that as we approach next year's elections, there will be measures in place to make sure we do not lose more people," he said.  

INTELLIGENCE GATHERING READ MORE Public sector continues to trail private firms in financial reporting Barclays named best in financial reporting Public Accounts Committee report raises questions on Sh23m tender He said police should take their work more seriously so that there is intelligence gathering since a number of cases have been reported but no conclusion has been reached.

"What is emerging is that the rampant killings are perpetrated by police or those that the public suspect to be returnees who refuse to be integrated," he said.

 Tom Kagwe, a commissioner at Ipoa, accused the National Police Service of being stuck in the past by policing the public and calling them to be part of a broader strategy to fight terror. 

"Police need to up their game; they cannot continue suspecting everyone but need to work within the law. Community policing committees are not working due to lack of trust between police and public," he said. Matuga OCPD Patrick Oduma, who appeared before the inquest, said there is no co-operation between police and wananchi largely because of fear caused by continuous killings in the area.

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