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Eastleighwood conducts peace building Events & Trainings

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   Eastleighwood conducts peace building Events & Trainings

Eastleighwood conducts peace building trainings to youths to empower them with the knowledge of staying with peace I the society’s ad communities at large. Peace building is an intervention that is designed to prevent the start or resumption of violent conflict by creating a sustainable peace. Peace building activities address the root causes or potential causes of violence, create a societal expectation for peaceful conflict resolution and stabilize society politically and socioeconomically; the aims include;
To bring together key actors, gathers resources, advises on strategies for post-conflict peace building and highlights issues that might undermine peace.
To support peace building activities that directly promotes post-conflict stabilization and strengthening state and institutional capacity.
To support the Peace building Commission with strategic advice and policy guidance, administers the Peace building.
To  provide information and develop communication networks in the peace building community to build local, national, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations' capacity.

To ensure conflict prevention, peace building, post conflict recovery.

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