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By increasing the level of awareness among communities through in formation of peace and unity among every individual brings unity in a nation at large. Peace is the state of being free form any kind of human conflict and violence. This helps every individuals know the importance of to human kind as said below:

• All the activities of the country run smoothly in the situation of peace and are the signs of development and prosperity.
•  Human rights are not violated where people can walk freely from one place to another without having any fear in their mind and do their business without any obstruction.
•  People respect each other rights where they are committed to fulfill their duty toward their society. Rule and order is respect by all.
• People can raise their living standard by working hard and to bring happiness among people as involved in development activities.
• Promotes human rights, democratic norms and value by creating the feeling of love, trust, tolerance, and brotherhood among people. Development process can’t go ahead without peace and harmony.
Let’s all unite against violence and radicalization in our nation and communities at large without discrimination.

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