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Eastleighwood Youth Dialogue

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            Eastleighwood Youth Dialogue

Eastleighwood understands the role of youths to make it happen in the society, that’s why we offer a cohesive neutral platform despite of the nationality, religion, and race whereby we interact with individuals from different backgrounds with the objective of understanding each other’s views.
We advocate for intercultural dialogues, that’s why it’s always an open forum, because people from different cultural backgrounds will be able to meet, share and exchange ideas. Through advancing intercultural understanding, we will be able to foster global development.
When youth participate in the youth dialogue, we will learn about their field of expertise and new initiatives thereafter we will come up with a strategy on how we can implement them for good results. The youth’s involvement in decision making in the society is also essential to the success of any endeavor in that area.

Our youth dialogues are always full of fun and influential.

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