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Eastleighwood values and understands the importance of cultural diversity

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               Eastleighwood values and understands the importance of cultural diversity 

At Eastleighwood we value and understand the importance of cultural diversity because it’s the only way of countering discrimination based on the race and nationality. We are free to explore other cultures so that we can express life and transmit knowledge from generation to generation.
We always welcome people from different races, nationalities, religion to attend our events and also peace forums so that together we can lean about different backgrounds, skills attitudes, ideas and perceptions that this people possess. Culture is unique just because of the existence of people, and as we learn about other people’s culture, we will be able to honour beliefs of other people to avoid breach of their good manners and this will prevent conflicts in the society.

Through diversity we’ve always experienced different things outside what we are used to, diversity is our strength and that’s why you are always welcomed to Eastleighwood it doesn’t matter where you come from.

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