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Eastleighwood will be hosting a capacity building training that will be taking place every Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. This week we will be focusing on screen play writing training where each individual present in the program will be required to come up with a script to present. After the training there would be a production of short plays Based on the program we will do more training on decision – making and many more programs to mentor our youths to ensure that they are able to achieve their goals and visions. By organizing capacity building we are aiming to sensitize the trainees on prevalence of gender based violence and to equip them with appropriate skills to effectively respond to enhance peace more effectively to the societies and communities at large. This in turn will help to strengthen our capacities to spread the information shared in the training of change that will generate to improve the quality of life in the societies and communities at large.
Our screen play curriculum will be;
• Writing Good Action
• Writing Good Dialogue
• Final Scripts Reading
• Script Grading
• Practical Exercises
There will be a short film screening during every lesson to aid in the teaching.
If the final scripts readings will be rehearsed readings, it would be an added advantage to anyone who participated.
Anyone who is interested in screen plays writing to come and apply for effective training with us. We look forward to meet you soon.


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