a small hollywood in East Africa!


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Eastleighwood Youth Dialogue

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Let’s gather together every Friday to learn more from each other.

It’s only in Eastleighwood where we welcome everyone’s opinion as we get to learn more. Peace is always our song as we dream of a peaceful society, community and nations at large and we do this through empowering the youths, wenurture, develop and expose their talents.
Our doors are always open to listen to you. We focus on film production, script writing, art, music, fashion and modeling, designing and so on. We hold trainings and also youth dialogues every Friday were we share ideas, hope and challenges we encounter as we learn on how we should live as ambassadors of peace.

We transform lives completely, because we believe everyone as the potential to make it in life. Be the first to join the script writing training as you gain interesting ideas. We give equal opportunities to both genders and that’s we support girl child education, When you empower a girl child through education then you have empowered the whole family at large because now they will be able to know their rights.

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